Michael J. Calvey LLC based in New York City has substantial experience in initiating and defending local and international litigation and arbitration matters, as well as in advising on the formation and day-to-day conduct of a business. Managing and operating a business is never easy and today, with the global nature of business, it is extremely important to have an advocate on your side. Regardless of whether you are just starting a small business managing a multi-million dollar enterprise or enforcing your rights against someone else’s company, our law office provides all the legal services needed to ensure that legal problems do not stop you from reaching your goals.

Our  law office is devoted to providing top grade legal services to small and mid-size companies, as well as individual entrepreneurs, in connection with their commercial activities. This ranges from initial formation of a business through its build-up into a highly successful enterprise. It also includes top caliber representation in any and all litigations and arbitrations that may become necessary or appropriate.

The goal of Michael J. Calvey LLC is to help ensure that its clients are successful and profitable, but also to see that this is done at a reasonable cost.