Successfully crafting a winning strategy takes experience and a broad understanding of the law to deliver results. Our firm has represented leading top-tier organizations in commercial transactions, intellectual property and commercial litigation, placing a high emphasis on the big picture.

As a premier corporate law firm in New York City, Michael J. Calvey, LLC specializes in both large and small business litigation in New York, handling disputes that cover a wide expanse of business matters. With several years of experience, we are the top choice in resolving litigious issues in a quick and efficient manner. We are well versed in New York litigation in both state and federal courts, and have earned our stellar reputation for representing businesses and corporations in all areas of commercial and business litigation.


Industry Experience

We cover a wide range of industries, including:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Construction
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing and Sales
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Governance

We understand the complexities of commercial business, and are ready and able to handle any business transactions and disputes, from mergers and acquisitions, to contractual breaches. Our intellectual property areas include trademark and copyright infringement, antitrust claims, unfair competition, international property cases, contractual disputes, breach of contract disputes and other situations that fall under this umbrella. We have handled complex cases with professionalism and privacy. Our firm’s goal is to exceed your expectations in every way.


Cost Containment

We recognize the amount of time and money involved in litigating a case, especially one that is high-profile in nature. We make every effort to keep our costs contained by using a well-thought strategy that will alleviate expenses. We employ many cost-cutting measures to achieve the desired results, with an economical perspective in mind. The firm also uses the best in technology to automate simple processes, which gives us an extra edge in discovery and typical wait times. This allows us to increase our productivity while efficiently preparing our cases to achieve client satisfaction.

Our focus is ensuring your business is fully protected under the law. Finding a reliable NYC business litigation attorney to handle sensitive cases can be difficult, but we are here to provide all possible safeguards prior to entering litigation. Having an attorney who works on your behalf to secure your interests is important. Our hands-on approach has worked well, allowing our clients to continue doing business while handling their business matters.

We are diligent in ensuring your needs are met. Let us help you with all your commercial business and intellectual property needs and concerns. We are available for consultation and or representation whenever you need us. We are able to arrange arbitration and mediation methods, or recommend a formidable course of action. Do not put your business in jeopardy by not having adequate representation.

For a knowledgeable and experienced New York City Commercial and Business Litigation Attorney, contact the law office of Michael J. Calvey, LLC today.