It takes a lot to run a successful business in New York City. Our clients span from small businesses, financial companies, manufacturers and distributors, artists, design firms, and trade associations. Your business may be in retail, or you may provide a valuable service, or serve as a “middleman” providing goods and services to other businesses that in turn use them to better serve their own customers or clients. It doesn’t take long to realize that everything your business owns adds value to the organization. This includes the office furniture, and a variety of physical products, but what is often most valuable is not something you can hold in your hand or slide across the floor. It’s the ideas, strategies and policies that make your company stand out. This intangible information is referred to as Intellectual Property and cover areas such as copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and trademarks. By protecting this type of property businesses and individuals can undergo their various pursuits without others trying to undermine whatever advantage they have.

Unfortunately, just because a business is protected under intellectual property law, it doesn’t mean that they won’t encounter those who don’t take those rights seriously, or who attempt to benefit from ideas that are not their own. In these types of cases, Michael J. Calvey LLC corporate law office based in New York City is on your side. We will endeavor with diligence to see that your ideas and other intellectual properties is respected as your own and see that no one is able to profit from your ideas without your authorization.

Michael J. Calvey is highly experienced and practices in various areas of business litigation and corporate law, and is a reliable NYC intellectual property attorney who you can turn to when your company information is in jeopardy. This may be from an employee or former employee who has taken written materials outside the company, or has revealed confidential information about the business despite having signed a non-disclosure agreement. Michael J. Calvey will not only defend the privacy of this information, but can also help to set up initial agreements before any ideas are shared.

Trademark, Patent and Copyright Litigation

Sometimes the intellectual property that is in danger is something that is on its way to becoming a potentially profitable product. When a person or business has a unique idea they are able to ask for a patent which will give them the exclusive right to produce that product and sell it. Patent filings can be confusing because many similar patents are filed even with small changes in a product. By working with NYC intellectual property attorney Michael J. Calvey you can be sure that your ideas are protected and your patent is filed correctly. With an active patent, no one is allowed to make a product like yours using your process.

Trademarks are similar to patents, and the two are often confused. The major difference comes in the branding of the product, or the brand name itself. With a trademark, multiple companies may produce something, but attempting to represent a product with a brand that is not your own violates intellectual property laws. This applies not only to the actual brand name, but to logos or color schemes of those logos that are likely to mislead a potential buyer to purchasing a product under false pretenses, Businesses work hard to build their brand and their reputation. Attorney Michael J. Calvey can help you defend your brand and the way your product is represented in the marketplace.

Copyright is the original creative idea from the author, and is another type of intellectual property that goes back to the drawing board. While some think this only applies to written work such as a story or a song, it can be applied to any creative idea. A person or company with the idea may not have had the time or resources to produce a product based on the idea, but the idea itself is protected under copyright. Michael J. Calvey can help copyright infringements, and advise you on the best way to keep your ideas documented as they develop in order to protect your copyright.

If you are concerned about the safety of your intellectual property, whether it’s an initial idea or a fully developed product, call our NYC law office at to figure out what to do next and how to stay protected.