A Firm Understanding of Transnational Legal Business Disputes and Workable Solutions

At Michael J. Calvey LLC law office, we have the experience that our international clients need when looking to establish a business in the United States, or for those dealing with business challenges on a transnational level. Whether your customers, vendors or employees are based anywhere in the United States, across the border, or overseas, we offer a range of services to help entrepreneurs and offices of businesses to avoid legal challenges. Our mediation, arbitration or litigation services for businesses include:

  • Start-up Assistance: our knowledgeable legal team assists with the proper legal structure and paperwork necessary for incorporating your business and filing all the right paperwork for startups entering business agreements in New York. Whether you need partnership agreements, articles of incorporation or stock purchase agreements, we work with you to get everything in line.
  • International Tax Planning: Businesses need a long-term tax strategy to ensure they are in compliance with all tax laws when operating internationally, but also methods to ensure they are able to protect as much of their assets from taxes as possible. Hiring a knowledgeable attorney can help you preserve your company assets. Michael J. Calvey LLC has the experience and reliability your business needs.
  • Commercial Litigation: Business transactions do not always have level circumstances. If you are facing any type of lawsuit, we can help protect your rights, whether in state or federal courts.
  • Intellectual Property: ┬áCompanies are constantly concerned about having their work stolen by competitors and today, even by hackers. You need an experienced attorney who understands the laws as they pertain to creation, development and exploitation of your intellectual property. A number of enterprises depend on our services, including: biotechnology firms, computer or software firms and those who have a proprietary invention.
  • Compliance: Business officers or owners overlook one of their most valuable assets when they are busy running their business. Employee manuals, hiring contracts and policy manuals all need to be in compliance with many federal as well as state laws. To avoid problems, you need the services of an attorney who has comprehensive experience in business litigation and corporate law to ensure you do not run into trouble.
  • Business Dissolution: Closing a business is not simply a matter of bolting the doors and moving on. Prior to breaking up or dissolving your business, it is essential to work out a comprehensive exit strategy. Vendors, clients and employees must all be notified and businesses have to deal with the legal process of closing a business including filing taxes and making outstanding payments. Whether your business is closing because it is no longer financially feasible or because there is an internal disagreement with other partners, you need an attorney who is focused, reliable and understands all the legal requirements of closing your business.